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Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley (
Genealogy Data

Nathan Smith-Manley
A176268 pedigree chart dna story
Mark Smith-Manley
A790616 pedigree chart dna story
Anne Judy Strefling*
PA176268M1 pedigree chart
Arthur Thomas Smith
A279611 pedigree chart dna story

These are individuals we are researching. The sequence of letters and numbers shown refers to that individuals dna kit on If you believe you might be related you can run a one-to-one comparison on using the kit number shown. The pedigree chart is that person's family tree. The DNA story is a copy of's dna heritage analysis which might be useful to compare against yours.

* Phased

File Archive
The file archive contains family photos, stories, and raw data files for genealogy researchers. To all files

This website has the most recently updated research data. Information being provided here to to assist others in researching their family history. To help - If you are related or believe you might be, please, get an dna test, and after your results come back add your family tree to You'll also want to export your raw dna data and gedcom from ancestry and upload it to We can be contacted using this contact form if you have any questions or insights. You might also consider adding your family tree to WikiTree.

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